Corporate Membership

A program designed to bring wellness to the workplace.  The following have corporate membership programs established with the Fayette County Family YMCA.  For further information contact Tosha Larch or Doug Saunders at 740-335-0477.

City of Washington Court House                   

Fayette County                                                         

Fayette County Memorial Hospital             

Keihin Thermal Technology                                   


Miami Trace Schools                                                   

New Sabina Industries                                     

Southern State Community College                      

Sugar Creek                                                         

The Ranch of Opportunity/Eastway                         

Wal-Mart Distribution                                      

Washington Court House City Schools                  

YUSA Corporation

As a leader in your company you understand that a healthy, happy and productive employee is the key to your success. Through a Corporate Membership with the Fayette County Family YMCA employees can get fit and stay fit all while helping your company be more successful. In challenging economic times for everyone, your partnership with the YMCA can improve employee morale and physical and mental well-being.

By offering a Corporate Membership with the YMCA, your business can gain healthier employees who tend to be more productive, have lower healthcare costs, take fewer sick days and deal with stress better.

Why Participate – It Pays

Statistics show that a properly designed and implemented wellness program will not only decrease absenteeism and enhance employee morale – it’ll improve your bottom line. In fact, you can expect a 3 to 1 return on every dollar you spend on wellness. And within 3 to 6 years, the prediction is an average 348% return on investment. – American Journal of Health Promotion, 2008

Regular exercise 8 times or more per month reduces healthcare costs by 33% by the second year. Medica Insurance Study, 2007

Dependents account for 70% of overall healthcare costs, making it critical to involve the entire family. Employee Benefit Journal, 2006

Two options to Choose From

When a company has 10 or more employees sign up for YMCA membership the following options are available.

OPTION 1: Employee or company may choose to pay membership in full for the year or bank draft and get the 10% off. The YMCA will also waive the joining fee for memberships paid on an annual basis. Employee or the company will pay the standard Joining Fee ($80 Family/$50 Adult) when signing-up for membership through bank draft. The YMCA can provide monthly usage reports to employers paying for memberships.

OPTION 2: Company pays the Joining Fee at normal rate. Standard monthly dues are paid through EFT/Credit Card or on an annual basis by the employee. Membership dues are at the standard rate.

In support of your corporate wellness program

The YMCA will

• Provide appropriate enrollment forms.
• Forward payroll deduction forms (if applicable) to the company representative in a timely manner.
• Provide a 30-day written notice of any changes in membership fees.
• Review annually with the corporation the effectiveness of the program.
• Make employees aware of membership and program opportunities.
• Participate in on-sight wellness events, including offering suitable screenings (step test, flexibility, etc.)
• Provide one complimentary use of the YMCA facility for employee recognition or corporate workshops/retreats.

Requirements for Participation

• The business must be a recognized organization & approved by YMCA management
• An employee of the company must be designated as the official representative to be responsible for enrollments and working with the YMCA on any other details.
• The company must be committed to the program and provide opportunities for the YMCA to promote membership and programs at least two times per year at the company facilities and through company e-mail, payroll stuffers, fliers, or posters provided by the YMCA.
• All memberships must be in the employee’s name and are non-transferable.
• In order to receive the 10% reduced membership dues, fees will be payable through the company with payroll deductions or annually by the employee or company.
• The amount of each payroll deduction will be tailored to the companies pay periods (ie. 24, 26, 52 pays).
• The company can add new members at any time.
• The company will notify the YMCA of any changes in employment of any current YMCA members.

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