Martial Arts

Karate programs will take place under the direction of Sensei, Sherry Sollars.  Sherry has had her black belt for 30 years and teaches Shotokan Karate and self defense.


Kinder Karate

This will be a karate class that is designed for ages 6-8 with beginner techniques taught. This class will have karate oriented games and there will be belt ranks awarded as deemed appropriate.  Kids will be taught and expected to demonstrate respect for the instructor, fellow students, the instruction area and equipment.  Parents must stay in the classroom.

Kinder Karate will kick off on September 7, 2017

FREE with YMCA Single Parent Family and Family Membership

Payments are due on a monthly basis for others.

Thursday:  6:00-6:30pm

Member:         $15

Non-member: $30



Youth age 8+ and adults.

These will be high energy classes.  Sparring will take place in all classes except for the kinder class.  However, students are not required to spar if they aren’t comfortable doing so.  Students that are in the advanced class are expected to attend the 6:40 class as well, as the skills will build upon each other.  No charge for belt tests or advancements.  Students are responsible for obtaining their own GI’s and belts as necessary.


Thursday 6:40-7:45pm

Beginning karate with some aspects of age appropriate self defense.



Thursday 7:50pm – 9:00pm

For students that the sensei feels are ready to learn advanced karate and self defense techniques.  This class will teach advanced karate techniques along with beginning and advanced self defense techniques.


FREE with YMCA Single Parent Family and Family Membership

Payments are due on a monthly basis.

Per Person

With YMCA Youth Membership: $25

Non-member: $50

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