You can now use your membership at most Ohio YMCA’s

A YMCA Membership can do wonders for your heart!!

As a YMCA Member, you get more than just a great workout!! The YMCA provides a healthy, safe, caring environment where you can enjoy activities with friends and family. The atmosphere at the YMCA also cultivates strength, instills core values and brings back balance to many lives.

Your membership is an investment in the well-being of not only yourself and family, but also the community. You are part of the big picture of providing opportunities to members of our community who are less fortunate and help build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Benefits of Membership Include

Free Child Watch for kids up to 7 years old

Free Youth Sports with Single Parent Family or Family Membership

Free Group Exercise Classes

Access to YMCA trainers and ActivTrax Fitness and Nutrition Software

Priority Program Registration


YMCA Membership Costs


There will be a one-time joining fee charged to new members

and also to members who have allowed their membership

to lapse for a period of 30 days or more.

MEMBERSHIP FEES (Effective 1/1/2016)

7.25% tax applies

Family Y memberships can be paid annually or by a continuous monthly credit card or bank draft payment plan.

Membership fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Fee adjustments may be made periodically at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

FAMILY – $55/Month or $660/Year + $80.00 – Joiners Fee (Includes All IRS allowable dependents & full-time college students living in the same residence)

SINGLE PARENT FAMILY – $49/Month or $538.64/Year + $60.00 – Joiners Fee (Includes All IRS allowable dependents & full-time college students living in the same residence)

COUPLE– $51.11/Month or $613.32/Year + $60.00 – Joiners Fee (Includes All IRS allowable dependents & full-time college students living in the same residence)

ADULT – $43.16/Month or $517.87/Year + $50.00 – Joiners Fee (Ages 18 – 59 yrs)

YOUNG ADULT – $29/Month or $348/Year + $30.00 – Joiners Fee (Ages 18 – 25 yrs)

SENIOR – $38.61/Month or $463.36/Year + $40.00 – Joiners Fee (Age 60+ yrs)

SENIOR COUPLE – $46.56/Month or $558.75/Year + $60.00 – Joiners Fee (Husband & Wife /One or both being 60 yr or older)

YOUTH – $22.71/Month or $272.56/Year + $30.00- Joiners Fee (Ages Infant – 17 yrs & Still in High School or attending College full-time)

*Membership fees are subject to 7.25% sales tax


For those living in a household but not meeting the definition to be included on a family or single parent family membership they may be added on for $15 per month plus tax. Proof of residency required.


Special short-term memberships will be available for fulltime students (12+ hours) during the summer months, Christmas, Easter and Spring breaks.


Memberships on the Bank Draft Plan are perpetual and continue until the Y receives a written 30 day notice. Monthly drafts may be set up through a credit card, checking, or savings account. We cannot accept debit cards as a monthly payment method.


Memberships on the Annual plan are paid in full at the time that the membership is activated. Payment may be in the form of cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. Prior to the anniversary date for annual renewals (those not on the Bank Draft Plan), a billing is mailed that reflects the renewal rate. Membership fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

When you join a YMCA, you become part of a national movement of 20.2 million members in more than 2,663 local YMCAs. Because each YMCA is an autonomous, not-for-profit-and not a franchise-local YMCA policies vary on the use of equipment, facilities, services and programs by visiting members from out-of-town or from nearby YMCAs.

While some YMCAs have no restrictions, others may have restrictions such as these:

• visits by members of YMCAs within 50 miles are limited to three per month
• visiting members may only use the facility at certain hours
• visiting members will be charged half the guest fee
• and visiting Y members are restricted to a limited number of visits each year.

If you plan to visit another YMCA, it’s a good idea to call that YMCA about visiting member policies.

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