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Thank you to the YMCA of Greater Dayton for sharing this program with us.

The Move2Lose program is a proven success in helping participants lose weight and reaching their goals. Over the last 12 years, the program has helped communities lose over 15 tons!

In this program, you will exercise in a small group with a certified trainer twice a week for 8 weeks, but that’s not all! During your sessions (16 total) you will be provided with 4 nutrition classes facilitated by an Adena Clinical Dietician, exercises catered to your specific needs and abilities, as well as a variety of take-home exercises and team support. With the use of Virtuagym, your trainer will also give you exclusive additional workouts. You will receive a t-shirt and weekly newsletters.

At the end of the session, there will be a celebration for all participants with prizes for various achievements and reaching goals!


Move2Lose Testimonials from YMCA participants

"When I started, my doctor had me on diabetic medication. After completing the program, I was removed from it! I thank my trainer and teammates for making me 'BRING IT' and starting my journey on this new lifestyle change." - Gregory from Dayton

"I joined this program to get into better shape as opposed to losing weight. My trainer pushed us when we needed pushed and praised our progress along the way. Twelve weeks ago, I couldn't get my shoulder blades off the floor for sit-ups. Now, I can do FULL sit-ups - what a surprise! Thank you!" - Steve from Xenia

"I have lost weight and feel like a new person! I walk at least four miles each day and my diet has improved." - Diana from Fairborn

"I love improvement. I am amazed when an exercise is too difficult for me, or I'm very slow at it, and after continuously trying I see myself improve. My first Move 2 Lose, a little over a year ago, I couldn't run up and down the stairs, run at all during the mile, or skip; now I can accomplish all of these tasks. This is amazing to me; probably even more amazing than all of the weight I've lost." - Cathie from West Carrollton